Due the the intimate nature of our roundup and the limited number of off-island attendees, we were not able to secure volume discounts with the airlines. Please visit the individual airline or travel Websites for information.

Traveling Documents

We recommend that U.S. citizens ALWAYS travel with a valid passport whenever traveling outside of the continental US. While many destinations may only require a birth certificate and a valid driver’s license at this time, immigration requirements may change without any notice. For ALL other non-US citizens, please check with the embassy of the country/island to which you are traveling.

The Airport

On arrival in Grand Cayman, the procedure through the airport is the same as in other countries. Taxis will be waiting as you exit the customs area. We can reserve a rental car for you and a reservation is strongly recommended at busy times, holidays and during the winter season, as you may find none available on arrival.

Rental Vehicles

Rental car agencies are generally situated across the road from the airport at the Airport Center. If you have heavy luggage, one member of your party should walk across the street to the car rental agency and then drive back to the airport to collect the others. If there is more then one driver, all drivers must present their licenses. If the agency is not at the airport, you should take a taxi there (it will only be a few minutes drive). Rental vehicles range from 2 & 4 door cars (economy to luxury), jeeps (4 – 8 passengers), and minivans (8 – 12 seats). Motor bikes, scooters and bicycles are also available for rental. Remember we drive on the left as in Britain, but left-hand drive vehicles are available. Drivers must be 21 years or older.

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